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  • Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse
  • Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse
  • Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse
  • Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse
  • Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse

Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse


Drying, Cooking, Smoking, Reddening, Showering

Optional Cold smoking and baking

Product Details:
●Heating Resources:
Steam, Electric
●Smoking Options
Woodchip smoking or liquid smoking
1- 8 trolleys flexible design



◇PLC+ Touch screen controlling system

◇The fault diagnosis function of the system

◇The running status of the machine can be recorded and reset

◇The machine can restart with all the original working data

◇Specially designed air circulation system

◇PID temperature control mode

◇Optimal CIP cleaning system.

◇Modular construction of the chambers

◇Isolation material is Polyurethane foam or rock wool inside the chamber wall

◇Adopt special fan with low air speed, high air pressure

◇Wood chip smoke generator or liquid smoke atomizer

◇The humidity controlling valve is equipped

◇Adopting the Lind Weit draining valve

◇World-famous electrical and pneumatic components

RYXS series




Electric heating Power(kW)

Steam consumption(kg/h)











*The above technical data is for reference only, it may change according to different configurations.

Quality changes the world,
Innovation brings the future.

Zhejiang Ribon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Mr. Shi Ming and we specialize in the R&D and manufacturing of meat processing machinery. Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse Suppliers and Company in China.

As a professional enterprise of meat processing smokehouse, vacuum tumblers and cutting and deboning lines in China, we also exported these solutions to the world since the year of 2003.

The technology and solutions have always been optimized and now Ribon's solutions are widely in use across the whole world. And we will constantly develop our systems further, to bring you better technologies and service.

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Product Knowledge

What types of food can be smoked using this smokehouse?
The Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse is versatile and suitable for smoking a wide range of food products. Some of the types of food that can be smoked using this smokehouse include:
Meat: Various cuts of meat such as pork, beef, poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), lamb, and game meats can be smoked to enhance flavor and preservation.
Fish and Seafood: Fish species like salmon, trout, mackerel, haddock, and herring are commonly smoked. Additionally, seafood like shrimp, scallops, and mussels can also be smoked to add a smoky flavor.
Sausages and Processed Meats: Different types of sausages, including traditional sausages, cured meats, and deli meats, can be smoked for flavor development and preservation.
Cheese: Some varieties of cheese, such as cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, and provolone, can be smoked to add depth of flavor and aroma.
Vegetables: Certain vegetables like eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes can be smoked to create unique flavors and textures.
Tofu and Plant-Based Proteins: Tofu and other plant-based proteins can be smoked to impart a smoky flavor and enhance their taste profiles.
Nuts: Nuts like almonds, pecans, and cashews can be smoked to add a smoky dimension to their natural flavors.
Spices and Herbs: Some spices and herbs can be smoked to intensify their flavors, which can then be used in culinary applications.

How does the smokehouse ensure even smoking and cooking of food products?
The Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse employs several design features and control systems to ensure even smoking and cooking of food products:
Specially Designed Air Circulation System: The smokehouse is equipped with a specially designed air circulation system that ensures consistent airflow throughout the cooking chamber. This system helps distribute smoke evenly around the food products, ensuring uniform smoking.
Horizontal Airflow: The smokehouse utilizes a horizontal airflow design, where the smoke and heat are circulated horizontally across the cooking chamber. This ensures that all areas of the chamber receive a consistent amount of smoke and heat, resulting in even smoking and cooking.
Low Air Speed, High Air Pressure Fans: The smokehouse is equipped with fans that have low air speed but high air pressure. These fans help to gently circulate the air and smoke throughout the chamber without causing turbulence or uneven distribution.
PID Temperature Control Mode: The Horizontal Airflow Smokehouse employs a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) temperature control mode, which ensures precise control over the temperature inside the chamber. This helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the smoking process, ensuring even cooking of the food products.
Optimal CIP Cleaning System: A clean cooking chamber is essential for even smoking and cooking. The smokehouse is equipped with an optimal CIP (Clean-in-Place) cleaning system, which ensures thorough cleaning of the chamber between batches. This helps prevent any residue or buildup that could interfere with airflow and heat distribution.
Modular Construction of Chambers: The chambers of the smokehouse are constructed using a modular design, allowing for easy customization and optimization of airflow patterns. This ensures that all areas of the chamber receive adequate smoke and heat, resulting in even smoking and cooking of the food products.
Humidity Control: The smokehouse is equipped with a humidity controlling valve, which allows for precise adjustment of humidity levels inside the chamber. This helps create the ideal environment for smoking and cooking, ensuring consistent results across all batches.