Product Details:
●Heating Resources:
Steam, Electric
1- 8 trolleys flexible design



◇PLC+Touch screen controlling system

◇The fault diagnosis function of the system

◇World-famous electrical and pneumatic components

◇The machine can restart with all the original working data

◇Low pressure steam is directly injected into the chamber

◇Modular construction of the chambers

◇Isolation material is Polyurethane foam

◇World-famous electrical and pneumatic components



Capacity (kg)


Electric heating power(kW)

Steam consumption (kg/h)











Quality changes the world,
Innovation brings the future.

Zhejiang Ribon Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Mr. Shi Ming and we specialize in the R&D and manufacturing of meat processing machinery. Smokehouse Steam Cooker Suppliers and Company in China.

As a professional enterprise of meat processing smokehouse, vacuum tumblers and cutting and deboning lines in China, we also exported these solutions to the world since the year of 2003.

The technology and solutions have always been optimized and now Ribon's solutions are widely in use across the whole world. And we will constantly develop our systems further, to bring you better technologies and service.

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  • Environmental Management System



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Product Knowledge

How long does it take to cook different types of food in the steam cooker?
The cooking time for different types of food in a steam cooker can vary widely depending on factors such as the type and quantity of food being cooked, the temperature settings, and the desired level of doneness. 
Vegetables: Steam cooking vegetables typically takes between 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the type and size of the vegetables. For example, smaller vegetables like green beans or broccoli may cook faster than larger ones like potatoes or carrots.
Meat and Poultry: Cooking times for meat and poultry can vary based on the cut and thickness. Thin cuts like chicken breasts or fish fillets may cook in 8 to 12 minutes, while thicker cuts like chicken thighs or pork chops may take 15 to 25 minutes.
Seafood: Fish and seafood generally cook quickly in a smokehouse steam cooker. Small fillets or shellfish like shrimp or scallops may only need 5 to 10 minutes, while larger cuts or whole fish might take 15 to 20 minutes.
Grains and Legumes: Cooking times for grains like rice, quinoa, or lentils can range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the type and quantity being cooked. Pre-soaking certain grains or legumes may reduce cooking time.
Eggs: Eggs can be steamed to various levels of doneness depending on preference. Soft-boiled eggs may take 6 to 8 minutes, while hard-boiled eggs might need 10 to 12 minutes.

Can the steam cooker be customized to fit specific kitchen layouts or requirements?
Steam cookers can often be customized to fit specific kitchen layouts or requirements. 
Size and Configuration: Manufacturers may offer steam cookers in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various kitchen layouts and space constraints. This can include options for different widths, heights, and depths to fit into existing kitchen spaces or to match other equipment.
Modular Design: Some steam cookers feature a modular design, allowing for flexibility in arrangement. Modules can be added or removed as needed to adjust the capacity or layout of the steam cooker to suit the kitchen's requirements.
Trolley Compatibility: The steam cooker may offer compatibility with different types or sizes of trolleys, allowing users to choose the configuration that best fits their needs. This can include options for single or multiple trolley setups, as well as trolleys with varying capacities.
Control Options: smokehouse steam cooker may come with different control options, such as built-in control panels or remote control capabilities. This flexibility allows users to place the control interface in a convenient location within the kitchen layout.
Material and Finish: Manufacturers may offer customization options for the material and finish of the steam cooker to match the aesthetic of the kitchen or to meet specific hygiene or durability requirements.